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What are we about?

We are fundamentally about helping people who are Brazilian or who love Brazilian Culture find the Brazilian scene wherever they go. We heard many of our friends say that when they traveled outside Brazil or away from the places they were familiar with in North America or Europe, they had difficulty finding familiar friends and places. We looked for other sites that would help and they were often very good, but very focused on one city or region, or on one particular topic like music or food. We built The Brazilian Space to capture both local Brazilian flavor, through the information we have gathered and the other sites we reference, and the worldwide influence of Brazilian culture. We have traveled extensively in North America and Europe, and have the benefit of a great network of supporters who have helped us compile the information you see. But ultimately this site is your creation, so if you have a suggestion, please let us know!

Why do we mix English and Portuguese on our pages instead of providing the ability for each user to select English or Portuguese?

We are aware that many of our users are trying to improve their English, and combining the two is helpful for many people. Also, some content is more appropriate for one language or the other. If we receive a lot of feedback suggesting we create separate versions we will do that.

What sites do we include as links?

We generally err on the side of including any site that people are likely to find interesting or helpful, however there are four reasons you may not see a site that you are familiar with.

1.                      We want you to support the sites we link to, so if there are sites with a great collection of links we will refer you to those, and describe the links you will find there in the description on our site.

2.                      We do not include sites that are clearly under construction. We watch them and include them as soon as they are functioning.

3.                      We do not include sites that are simply selling commonly available products (however,  if you have such a  business, you are welcome to purchase advertising on our site to reach the Brazilian audience!)

4.                      We may not know about the site! In that case, please send us a suggestion and we will add it.  

Who pays to maintain The Brazilian Space?

Our advertisers do, and that could be you! Our primary support is from the people who buy advertising on our site in the form of Featured announcements, Classified Ads and Banner ads. At $5 USD for a City and $15 for the site home page, our Featured announcements are by far the best way to reach a broad audience of Brazilians. Our Banner rates are very inexpensive as well. Please support our advertisers as they keep The Brazilian Space free for you, and when you have an event to promote, use our Featured Announcements to promote it. This will keep your site growing!

When do we include information on our site versus referencing a link to another site?

When Brazilian sites exist for an area, we always reference those first in the City/Country Pages, with our quick description of their content. We try to maintain a complete listing of Brazilian restaurants, stores and businesses on our site, however the sites we link to typically have the local Brazilian events and other great stuff which we encourage you to link to them for. In the case of Italy, the zonalatina site is so complete that we link directly to it for everything, which is fine with us. (If you’re going to Italy or in Italy, you have to check it out. They have done a great job with the site.) For sites which are not specific to a specific region or city, we have also include them on our general links page.

Why did we include the cities and countries that we did?

Because that’s where the Brazilians are! If we are missing someplace, please let us know!

Why do we provide a Bulletin Board instead of a Chat Room?

We want to provide people with the ability to exchange information and find other Brazilians near them, and we believe using a bulletin board makes it easier to exchange information without worrying about who is using the site at the same time you are. There are lots of sites with chat rooms that you can find on the links we reference.


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